4th of July (A Few Weeks Late)


Who doesn’t love a good 4th of July party? I know that I do! And luckily I wasn’t traveling, nor did I have any obligations except for having fun during this 4th of July! I returned from Charlotte and was just ready for some fun. It all started with the reunion of me and one of my closest friends from UNC! We hadn’t seen in each other in over a year (save for countless Skype sessions) and were ecstatic to reunite. She had seen me off at the airport and is easily one of the sweetest and most genuine girls in the world! We scheduled a lunch at our place, Tru, even though I couldn’t order any wine yet. We talked for over 2 hours until she had to leave for Charlotte to visit her parents for the weekend. But we are living together this coming year, so we have plenty of time to make up for my year abroad!



The actual 4th of July started off with a lovely brunch and of course a mimosa. Nothing could beat this patriotic start.



And of course I had to show some patriotism with the red, white, and blue! Then the rest of the day was capped off with 4th of July celebrations across time at different people’s houses. Great day and the fireworks in downtown Raleigh capped it all off. Too bad my phone was dead by then 🙁




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